Toys for Rabbits


Toys will help keep your rabbit physically active and prevent boredom. A bored rabbit is much more likely to become destructive or even depressed and overweight. Deprived of toys and play things, your rabbit may turn to your furniture and other belongings as chew toys, or even dangerous things like electrical cords. Experiment with a variety of toys to find out what is entertaining to your rabbit, and continue to provide new toys (or rotate the ones he/she has).

Keep Your Rabbit Happy! They are very smart, playful and they will return the love you give to them in many ways.

Many owners are surprised to find out how playful their rabbits are. Most rabbits will appreciate a selection of fun toys, which can be as simple as a cardboard box or empty paper towel roll. 

While a good selection of toys will help keep your rabbit away from things you do not want him or her chewing on, the toys you provide must be safe too. If your rabbit is interested in eating one type (e.g. plastic, cardboard, etc.) of toy, switch to another type. Watch for soft rubber items or plastic parts that can be eaten and cause gastrointestinal problems or blockages. While your rabbit will likely enjoy shredding paper and cardboard, make sure he/she is not ingesting much of it.

A huge variety of items can make good rabbit toys. You might not find them marketed as rabbit toys, and some are things you will have around the house. Be creative and pay attention to how your rabbit seems to like to play, and you may come up with ideas of your own (just pay close attention to safety). Some ideas:

Top Rabbit Toys - Rabbits Love to Play!

Rabbit toys are a great way to keep your rabbit active, exercised, and happy, especially when you aren't able to play with them. Take a look at these ten rabbit toys that are sure to entertain your bunny.

1. Balls.  Our Rabbitry #1 top toy pick is "Ball Pit Balls" and other light weight but heavy duty balls we found on E-bay and shown below.  These balls are hollow, lightweight and rabbits cannot grab them to chew on them.  They easily roll away and they chase them around their cage or in your home. We have tested each of these balls with our toughest bunnies at play ... these toys are bunny proof and bunny approved here at Fluffy Bunny Rabbitry!

  Virtually Indestructible (Hard) Best Ball for Dogs      Click Here

Holey Balls, 4 color, made from hard plastic  Click Here

Small Pet Jingle Ball Toy, Click Here

  Uxcell Plastic Hollow Pet Jingle Bell Ball/Play Toy, Multi-Color, Click Here

2. Wooden Toys

Tropical Fiddle Sticks  Click Here

Homemade Wooden Tunnel

Knot Nibbler Chew Wooden Toy  Click Here

Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy  Click Here

All Living Things Barrel Roller Small Animal Toy Click Here

3. Box Houses. This is an inexpensive play toy you can create from a standard sturdy clean box or multiple boxes you can connect into a maze. Bunnies will be very excited and busy with a fun box house or labyrinth style hideout. This enriches your animal's life with an activity center that encourages play, exploration, and exercise. Create a Labyrinth of Cubby Holes, Pathways and Hideouts. It is irresistible for rabbits whose survival instincts drive them to mentally map out their surroundings for escape routes and hideouts -keeps them on their toes with ever changing possibilities. A great place to nap and play!

IMPORTANT :  Please remove all tape, labels and staples from boxes as it will hurt their digestive system or injure them if they ingest it. In the photo below you can see that our house rabbit located the tape immediately!                               

Box Houses - Store Bought.  You can also buy pre-made box houses and mazes from online stores such as Maze Haven is a maze for your rabbit that you can design and watch your rabbit play in. It was priced at $29.95 (date: 4-7-13). Part # Maze Haven (BB-83).                                                                                                                     

4. Apple Tree Branches.  Fresh branches from apple trees (without leaves).  Branches from an apple tree are a safe and natural nibble for your rabbits.  You can make a twist or archway design from the wood or purchase apple tree wood from your local pet store.  IMPORTANT :  Make sure it's an apple tree because some fruit trees such as plum and cherry are poisonous to rabbits.  

5. Tubes. Drainage pipes from your local hard ware store and cardboard tubes make great toys for rabbits. They whizz through them, hide in them and will even reverse out of them if they meet something coming the other way!

6. Hay Enrichment, Hay

7. Hay Enrichment Toys, made with hay.    

Additional Great Toy Ideas:

  • cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towel rolls (please supervise to make sure they do not eat the cardboard)
  • paper bags (please make sure they do not eat the paper bag).  Do not shake the bag as it could scare them.
  • cardboard boxes (especially a closed box with two or three rabbit sized entrance holes cut in the sides)
  • cardboard, concrete forms or large PVC pipes for tunnels (please make sure bunny can't get stuck!)
  • untreated wicker baskets or other wicker items (a wicker tunnel other items are available at the online stores listed below)
  • hard plastic cat balls with a bell inside (please make sure your bunny isn't chewing up and swallowing the plastic though)
  • hard plastic baby toys such as rings, links, keys, rattles, etc.
  • wooden parrot toys and bells
  • kitty condos (the shorter ones), tunnels, platforms
  • towels (please make sure your bunny does not chew on it and swallow threads from the towel)
  • small straw whisk broom
  • straw balls (you can get the ones meant as hamster houses; for added enjoyment fill with timothy hay)
  • box full of shredded paper (preferably ink free - you can sometimes get non-print newsprint roll ends from the local newspaper printer)
  • fresh branches from apple trees (without leaves and buds)
  • dried pine cones
  • large rubber ball (please do not allow them to eat the rubber)

Fluffy Bunny Rabbitry located at Forest Glenn Farm does not sell "Rabbits Toys".  We work with rabbits :o)  We share great ideas for your rabbit(s) to enjoy but do not endorse, sell or support any of the store bought toys listed on our website ... as they may change.  We are void of any liability if you purchase a toy and your rabbit(s) are harmed by them.  It is important to watch your rabbit when they play with toys so that they do not eat them or fall off of high places and hurt themselves.

Caution Toys, archways and balls made with "willow" could harm your bunny as Asprin medications are made from willow bark.  Willow products that are being sold at pet stores are a huge problem as they are advertised as safe for rabbits.  If rabbits are left with a large willow archway in their cage ... they will eat it.  The rabbit could overdose and become very ill and in most cases die from liver or another type of failure.  Pet Stores are now also selling hay carrots and other hay structures that are internally supported by willow.  If you buy a willow toy for your rabbit please use it as a toy and do not leave your rabbit alone with it to eat.