Our Holland Lop Buck's

All show quality rabbits have a * in front of the rabbits name.

(Junior Photo Above)

(Senior Photo Above)

***JH's Jacob, Senior Holland Lop Buck, Jacob is the son of Jason Holland's Mattox who won Best of Breed under judge Briony Barnes from Kansas (112 Holland's shown) at the North Haven, CT rabbit show on June 3, 2012 (also 1st place in 2011 shows). Jacob has his parents incredible type, outgoing personality and a laid back nature. Mattox's father is L&R Leo. Welcomed to or Rabbitry in February 2013!  Jacob will be here permanently.  We truly love him.
Sire: JH Mattox, 16 GC Legs (son of L&R Leo)
Dam: JH Daphne

*** Wren's Titan, Broken Sable Point Buck, Pedigreed.  Titan is an awesome little loving buck with incredible type!  He has a striking broken pattern on his face that he passes on to his offspring.
FB's Thor II, Broken Black Tort Senior Buck. One of the nicest potential show quality broken bucks in the Rabbitry.  Excellent temperament.  Loving buck!
Sire:  Fluffy Bunny's Thor I
Dam: TNT's Brittani

AH's Great Gatsby, Black Tort Senior Buck, Incredible pedigree!  Nicer front leg bone that his sire Floppy Trail's Barney. Excellent temperament.
Sire: Floppy Trails Barney (15 GC Legs), Black Tort Buck
Dam: AH's Gia, Black Tort Doe

Nix Blue Boy, Blue Senior Buck.  Registered with the ARBA.  Incredible buck!  It is so nice to have great type along with a love bug personality :-)
Floppy Trails Barney, Black Tort Senior Buck, 15 GC Legs, Registered with the ARBA.  Extremely friendly, incredible temperament!  Barney has stole our hearts and become a permanent part of our family.

Fluffy Bunny's Storm, Senior vm Blue Holland Lop Buck with blue eyes, pedigreed, proven.  Storm's dam is JH Whisper, 2 GC Legs.  He looks just like his mother!  We truly love this adorable little buck as part of our BEW program!  He definitely brings type to our projects.

*****Wren's Goliath, Senior BEW Buck, Show Quality, Pedigreed, Registered with the ARBA. Goliath has grown nicely since his original junior photos.  As Melissa Wren predicted, his crown, bone and type has become incredible.  Thank you Melissa for this awesome buck!

(Senior Photo Above and Below)

Fluffy Bunny's Andre, Black Tort Buck, DOB: 5-7-13
Sire: JH Jacob, Broken Black Tort
Dam: JH Naomi, Black Tort
Wins: Midnight Madness, Topsfield Fair, placed 8th place on August 2, 2014.  He would have placed much better if he would pose!  One of the best show quality herd bucks in the Rabbitry!
Crossroads/Daybreak Vegas, Black Tort Senior Buck, Incredible herd buck.  He ear was injured at the national show when he was a junior so his show days were cut short early.  We are proud to have such an incredible buck in our Rabbitry!
Sire: DTL'sGladiator (Sired by DTL's Creature, 56 GC Legs)
Dam: DTL's Brooke (Sired by DTL's Texas, 7 GC Legs)
DOB: 12-10-13

Fluffy Bunny's Thumper, Lilac Frosty Senior Buck
Thumper is a gentle and loving little buck.  He is a Rabbitry favorite to sit and cuddle with his super soft coat.  It is very hard to pass by his cage without petting him... that cute little nose is always sticking out of the cage saying "please hold me!". 
Sire: JH K-OSSSSS, black tort senior buck
Dam: Fluffy Bunny's Aurora, broken blue tort senior doe
DOB: 2-11-15.
Fluffy Bunny's Rusty, Young Orange Senior Buck
Sire: MND's Harley, Orange Black Harlequin Buck (Elbraham Lines)
Dam: FFR's Angel, Orange Doe (Proven to have award winning offspring).
DOB: 3-11-15
Rusty is a sweet loving buck that will take all the love you can provide.  He is such a joy!  It is exciting to see how full his crown is at such a young age.  He will enhance our orange and tri-color projects nicely!

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Fluffy Bunny's K-2, Black Tort vm buck.  After finding many faults within so many BEW lines I decided to go back to the drawing board and bring my best tort lines into my BEW project.  Fluffy Bunny's K-2 has body type, coat, and bone that could have competed well against black torts on the show table if only he did not have a blue dot in one eye!  He is hands down one of my best bucks!  FYI, FB's K2 sired FB's Cashmere, vc tort doe as the next generation within this BEW project. Double Hearts Jack Frost, Small BEW senior Buck transported from California in 2016 though the Oregon National AARB Convention to bring in nice type, crown, and small size without loosing bone within our BEW line. 

TNT's Jojo, Black Tortoise Senior Buck, has traveled here from Oregon's TNT's Rabbitry.  Thank you Taylor for such a wonderful little buck with an incredible loving puppy like personality and great type!
CRH's K-OSSSSSS, Black Tortoise Senior Buck. 

DTL's Resse's Pieces, Tri-Color Buck, transported from California through the 2016 ARBA National Convention in Portland Oregon for our Tri-Color project. 
Fluffy Bunny's Winter Storm, Broken Sable Point Senior Buck, Registered.

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Fluffy Bunny's Arthur, Lilac Blue Tortoise Senior Buck

Fluffy Bunny's Caesar, Frosty Buck
Sire: Fluffy Bunny's Thumper
Dam: Campos's Elizabeth
DOB: x-x-17.
Fluffy Bunny's Casper, Adopted September 2016 ... He will be truly missed!!!
Sire: Fluffy Bunny's Storm
Dam: Wren's Gretchen
Fluffy Bunny's Thor, Broken Sable Point Buck
DOB: 10-29-13 to May 2015.  He is truly missed!
Sire: Wren's Titan, Broken Sable Point
Dam: JH Naomi, Black Tort
Wins: Midnight Madness, Topsfield Fair, placed 3rd place in Show A and 2nd place in senior show B on August 2, 2014.  Definitely had GC potential!