Holland Lop Rabbitry Doe's 

All show quality rabbits have a * in front of the rabbits name.

(photo taken January 2015)

***JH Glimmer, black tort doe is from Jason's Holland's award winning Rabbitry lines. What an incredible doe! Glimmer's Mother (L&R Selena) is a georgeous doe who throws mass bone in her offspring. Glimmer has a wonderful head type and Holland stance. She is mellow and forgiving just like her mother. Glimmer's father is Cammack's Thunder. What an incredible buck!
Cammack's Thunder
L&R Selena

****LL's Katherine, blue tort senior Holland Lop brood doe.  Katherine came to us from Hailey's located in California in 2014.  She is a loving mother to her offspring and is a joy to have in the Rabbitry. She a solid brood doe with great body type, very loving temperament, beautiful full coat, nicely furred ears, great crown, and  incredible bone.  We have great results in our blue tort project litters so far!  Thank you to Hailey's Rabbitry for letting us adopt her.  I know she has produced great results there as well.

*****Fluffy Bunny's Antonia, Black Tort,  Senior Holland Lop Doe. DOB: 3-4-15
Sire: Floppy Trails Barney, 15 GC Legs
Dam: Avatar's Cinnamon (Dam: Floppy Trails)

photo taken at 6 months of age)

****Fluffy Bunny's Winter, Broken Lilac Frosty, Senior Doe, pedigreed.  Winter is proven to produce excellent excellent show quality on the show table.  Proven to produce award winning offspring such as Fluffy Bunny's Thor I (sired by Wren's Titan).
Sire: JH Frosty
Dam: JH Marissa

*****Fluffy Bunny's Brittney, Broken able Point Senior Doe. Pedigreed.  We have high hopes for this young senior doe at shows as she is the daughter of FB's Thor (one of our show favorites).  She looks just like her father in "many" ways!
DOB: 11-29-14

Sire: Fluffy Bunny's Thor
Dam: Fluffy Bunny's Winter Twilight

Fluffy Bunny's Sugar Dumpling II,
Sable Point Senior Doe
Sire: WA's Zeke
Dam: Fluffy Bunny's Sugar Dumpling

*****WA's Gladys, Broken Black Tort, Senior Doe Holland Lop.  Gladys is a great mother to her kits.  She has great type and throws potential show quality kits.
Sire: WA's Sebastain (10 GC Legs)
Dam: Proud Ears Zest (3 GC Legs)
 *****JH Marissa, Broken Blue Tort, Sr. Doe Holland Lop.  Marissa is like a loving teddy bear.  Her coat is so soft!  She is the daughter of two incredible champion line show rabbits:
Sire: L&R Leo I, broken black tort (Sire to JH Mattox (16 GC Legs)
Dam: JH Kassie
*****Fluffy Bunny's Autumn, Broken Black Tort,  Senior Holland Lop Doe.  DOB: 9-9-13
Sire: JH Jacob, broken black tort

(Sired by JH Mattox (16 GC Legs)
Dam: HAW's Silvermist, sable point


*****AH's Vera, Black Tort Senior Holland Lop Doe.  Vera is one of the nicest does in the Rabbitry!
Sire: Crossroads/Daybreak Vegas
Dam: AH's WA2 (Sire: Lund Lops Ambush, Dam: Proud Ears Wilhelmina).
****Fluffy Bunny's Saphira, Senior Blue Doe Holland Lop. DOB: 2-4-15
Sire: Nix's Blue Boy
Dam: LL's Katherine
****TNT's Brittani, Black Tort Senior Doe Holland Lop.  Brittani was transported to us from TNT in Oregon.  Brittani comes from strong Hailey's lines.  Thank you Taylor for letting us adopt her! 

Fluffy Bunny's Jelly Bean,
Tri-Color, Senior Holland Lop Doe.
Sire: DTL's Reese's Pieces
Dam: Fuffy Bunny's Bella
***Fluffy Bunny's Maki (Beloved One), Japanese Tri-Color,  Senior Holland Lop Doe.  DOB: 3-20-15
Sire: Olive Tree's Smores
Dam: RR's Cream Puff (Holly)
***Fluffy Bunny's Confetti, Tri-Color, Senior Holland Lop Doe. 
Sire: Olive Tree's Smores, tort tri-color
Dam: RR's Cream Puff (Holly), blue fawn harlequin.
Junior Photo, 8 weeks

Junior Photo, 8 weeks

****Fluffy Bunny's Little Tina, Blue Tort Junior VC doe.  We have high hopes for Little Tina to improve our BEW line.  Her pedigree routes back to Floppy Trails and other great lines.  She looks a lot like her Grand Sire Floppy Trails Barney (15 GC Legs) and has his awesome personality!
Sire: Avatar's Great Gatsby (Sire: Floppy Trails Barney (15 GC Legs)
Dam: Fluffy Bunny's Willow
***Fluffy Bunny's Trinity, BEW Senior Doe. DOB: 3-11-14
Sire: Wren's Goliath, BEW
Dam: Fluffy Bunny's Willow, Blue Tort, vm

***Fluffy Bunny's Willow, VC Blue Tort, Senior Brood Doe with blue eyes.  Willow has massive bone and incredible type.  She is an incredible match to our Wren's Goliath!  Pedigreed.  Sister of Fluffy Bunny's Storm.
Sire: Hilltop's Blaze (BEW)
Dam: JH Whisper (1 GC Leg)