Fluffy Bunny Rabbitry

Welcome to Fluffy Bunny Rabbitry.  An educational website. 

Our Rabbitry has small rabbit breeds averaging 2-3 pounds in Lionhead, Holland Lop            and Netherland Dwarf breeds. 


            As a family run Rabbitry we welcome you to contact us toward learning more about rabbit care.  

            Breeders and 4H children and adults are welcome to visit, learn from each other and share

            good breeding practices.  We no longer sell rabbits as pets. Please feel free to contact us so we

            can refer you to a caring breeder and answer any questions (even if you did not receive your

            rabbit previously from our Rabbitry).  Thank you and we look forward to helping you through our

            education based website

 We are proud members of the ARBA and the following associations: